Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Bed bug dogs and the war against bed bugs

Bed bug dog training in a hotel room.

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Southern Coast K9 bed bug dogs deliver swift bed bug detection—essential for ridding an environment of the health-risk pest that’s on the rise across the US.

Watch a video of our Bed Bug Dogs in training - and in action:


Bed bug dogs for saleBed bug dogs for sale

If you run a pest control business and need a qualified team mate to help you with bed bug detection, visit our Smyrna Beach K9 facility and meet our special bed bug detection dogs.

When you’ve chosen your K9, join one of our 2-week K9 training classes so that you and your new bed bug detector partner can become a formidable team.


Hire a bed bug dog detection team

You don’t have to buy a dog—you can hire one of our bed bug detection dog teams. Our professional handlers and their K9 partners will sniff out a bed bug infestation in no time.

Bed bug detection dog sniffing for bed bugsExclusive talent
We hand pick our bed bug detection dogs. We look for intelligence and plenty of drive. Our K9s go through rigorous, realistic training: we spend between six to eight hundred hours training each dog to make it fast and accurate in sniffing out bed bugs.

Bed bug infestations on the rise
Bed bug infestations have increased in US homes, hotels, health care facilities, and schools. Believe it or not, bed bugs are known to infest office buildings, laundries and dry cleaners, furniture rental outlets, and even movie theatres.

Many believe international travel is a major contributor to this surge of bed bug infestations. As is modern pest control practices and bed bug pesticides that are now less effective than in the past.

Bed Bug Dog Sales & Training info, contact us at:
Call: 877.903.3647