What To Expect

What to expect when you do K-9 training at Southern Coast K9

The right K-9 training is essential if you are to develop a strong and productive working relationship with your dog. At Southern Coast K9 we make sure you and your new teammate leave our premises fully prepared for a happy, productive partnership.

The disciplines of K-9 training.

  • Drug Detection
  • Bomb Detection
  • Cell Phone Detection
  • Dual Purpose Activities

Drug dogs, bomb dogs and cell phone dogs training:

We train our K9s over a twelve week period. When training our dogs for drug or bomb detection, we only use real odors. Once the initial search patterns are mastered, additional substances are introduced.

Evaluation of their drives—we choose dogs with high energy and an extreme hunt drive; a dog that is independent and not easily distracted, one who is focused yet brings a sense of urgency to the hunt.

Training for the passive alert—each handler is taught to read the dog’s indication through the dog’s change in breathing and body posture, as well as the actual sit.

Throughout the training, the dogs are introduced to various building scenarios and a variety of vehicles. They will leave with well-developed search patterns to prepare them for workability in the field.

Dual Purpose Dogs are fully-trained K-9 police dogs skilled in tracking; handler protection; off-leash obedience; article, area and building search; and criminal apprehension. Further to this training, a dog will either be trained to detect narcotics or to detect explosives – in each case, we only use real odors.

For a dog to be a productive member of a team, it is critical the handler be trained in the correct methods of canine handling. We strongly urge K-9 owners to participate in our K-9 Training Classes. And if you are already working with K-9s, it’s still a good idea to stay ahead of the game by brushing up on your skills or picking up new methods. We run shorter K-9 Training Seminars for that purpose.

We give a 1-year Work Ability Guarantee plus a 1-year Health Guarantee on each dog.

  • Our experience shows that any unsolvable problems with the K-9 are discovered well before a year is over.
  • We want to identify and correct any problems as soon as possible. If there is a genuine problem with the dog, rest assured we work with each client through training and/or replacement.
  • We fully recognize the importance of a productive  K-9 unit to your department and the investment you have made. Please remember it is important to us that your K-9 team is successful.
  • We feel strongly that our reputation is on the line with each and every dog we train. You can count on our support both before and after the sale of the dog.

Our mission at Southern Coast K9 is to produce the most effective K-9 teams possible.

We are committed to working as hard as necessary so that you and your K-9 leave here prepared to meet any challenge ahead.

Become one of the best K-9 teams in your department.
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