We appreciate the feedback and great photos our clients share with us about their K9s - and their great results.

Canine Officer Jack MurrayCanine Officer/Trainer Jack Murray, Daytona Beach Police Department:

I've had Rocky since 2007. We bought him from Bill Heiser at Southern Coast K9. A lot of people sell them like used cars...but these dogs are almost like personal dogs to him.


Canine Sergeant Erica HayCanine Sergeant Erica Hay, Ocala Police Department:

From day one, when we came over to test K9s, the service we got while we were here was unbelievable. Everyone was helpful, the trainers are so knowledgable, and I think I learned more here than I ever have dealing with K9s at the department. From this point on, our entire K9 unit will be from Southern Coast K9.


Canine Handler Brian LuomaCanine Handler Brian Luoma, Volusia County Sheriff's Office:

I've never seen anyone work dogs like SCK9 trainers...they have the same passion and the same love that I have, and when you have that passion you enjoy what you do, and you can see it in the product they produce. If you come here 2 days, 2 months or 2 years from now you're going to see the place exactly as you see it today: clean, and a friendly environment.

Tracy Smith, Dallas Police Department:

"Both our police dogs are working out great so far and as you can see from this local NBC news link, Southern Coast made our local news! Thanks again."

SCK9 K9s in the news in Dallas


10lbs of potCpl. Sean Hill and K9 Homer:

Bill we just hit 10 more pounds. Don't know what I would do with out Homer. This is what happens when his butt hits the ground.
Cpl. Sean Hill, Jackson County Drug Task Force


Jason Farr, Iraq:Southern Coast K9 bomb detection dog excels in Iraq.

I just wanted to compliment and thank Southern Coast K9 for doing such a great job training my current working dog here in Iraq.

I was working another dog from another kennel facility in the states. Unfortunately, that dog did not have what it takes to work in a war zone. I recieved a dog that was available in our kennels here in Iraq. His previous handler went home before ever working him here in Iraq.

My new dogs name is Orage. He is a big male sable colored German Shepherd and he has turned out to be the absolute best dog I have ever worked or seen work. He is so much fun to have. He has a great personality and works like a machine. We search approximately 100 vehicles per day and he has had positive alerts that were confirmed to be good alerts. He wears a "S" on his collar for "Superman", or as the guards call him, "Superdog". People love seeing him come to work.

PS- I would like to buy a Southern Coast K9 t-shirt if possible. I see some of the guys here have them and since my great dog is from your place, I would love to get one.
Jason Farr

Captain Scott P. Brunson:

Testimonial letter from Captain Scott P. Brunson


Inv. Brianne Shaut and K9 Raven:

"I'm loving my partner Raven (also been nick named "Raisinet" by some of the guys...she's loved by everyone).  Yesterday we were working a case and I deployed Raven on one of the suspect(s) parked cars. The car was newer and all the doors/windows were rolled up and locked.

Raven began tunneling under the rear bumper/under the rear of the car and alerted.  We ended up doing a SW on the house and car...inside the car she alerted on was a large suitcase (Samsonite/sealed and locked) in the back seat.  Inside the suitcase was 7 gallon size and 5 quart size bags of high grade marijuana.  Total weight was 2.5 pounds.  Also we got $2,000 in cash and his car (Mercedes).  I took a trophy shot just for you!  :)  This bad guy went to jail!  

Recently we've been getting steady seizures with her...two weeks ago we got 4 ounces of powder cocaine through the mail on a package she alerted on.  We weren't able to make an arrest out of it, but we got the bad guys dope!  I've been bad about not taking pictures, but I was able to get this one and am forwarding it on to you!  Hope all is well with you guys down there...take care and be safe!Inv. Brianne Shaut & K9 Raven"
Inv. Brianne Shaut & K9 Raven, VICE/Interdiction Unit, Special Investigations, Tallahassee Police Department

Michael K. Goodwin and K9 Mike:

K9 Mike and Michael K Goodwin

“Bill, what can I say, you have given me the best dog I could ever want. On Wednesday, May 10, 2006, we assisted Deputies with a traffic stop and a search of the vehicle revealed $90 330 000. When 'Mike' was in the car he kept going back to the passenger side area going high and low. That's where the guys had hidden the currency. It was a built-in compartment in the passenger side air bag. Mike's totals to date are $130 000 00, 4 kilograms of cocaine and 500 pounds of cannabis in only 4 months of service. Thanks for a great dog.”
Michael K Goodwin, Task Force Agent, Volusia Bureau of Investigation, Florida.

K9 Jack with currency seizureWade Sibley and K9 Jack:

“Bill, without your business, chances of us being successful like this probably would not have happened.  Again thank you.”
Wade Sibley, Allegany County Police, Maryland, photographed with TFC Craig Miller, Maryland State Police, and K9 Jack.  

Canine Handler Officer Chris Porter with a massive currency find.

Ofc. Chris Porter:

"Man that sure is a nice looking pup! Thought you may like this one. My first day back from training the new canines.  It was a third axle compartment on a freightliner going to San Antonio from Miami.  Imagine that!!  Final count was $424,501." 
Ofc. Chris Porter, Canine Handler/Instructor, Special Operations Team, Florida Department of Transportation.

Corporal Mario Jenkins:

"We got 2lbs of BC bud and about 76lbs of miscellaneous pot and a little coke. The final tally on the cash was $29,301.00. This is a lot for a University. We had a great time until we had to log evidence.  Makye assisted in the search, it was great training for her. The distraction seemed endless. The apartment had two pit bulls that just left a few days before we got there so their scent and all their toys were everywhere."
Corporal Mario Jenkins, University of Central Florida Police Department - In Memory of Corporal Jenkins

Ofc. Chris Porter:  

Officer Chris Porter

"380 lbs. of marijuana concealed in a compartment in the fuel tank on a charter bus. The marijuana was vacuum sealed, cellophane wrapped, and covered in ammonia. By the way, the dog is awesome!" 
Ofc. Chris Porter, Youngstown, Florida


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