Southern Coast K9 dogs in the News

A SCK9 dog gets the job done! But don't expect him to leave without a prize. Great Job K9 Diesel and Corporal Klinglesmith of Dallas PD.




It looks like one of our K9s is ahead of the game:


Southern Coast K9's dog Karma is in the news:

Edgewater police have a new law officer to help take a bite out of crime: Karma, a Belgian malinois, partnered with officer John Tarr. In this article (with video) Karma shows off his skills.


State prison K-9 Inspector Cora Romer and her dog, Annie, took first place in last month's Southern Coast K-9 Bomb and Drug Detection competition.State prison K-9 Inspector Cora Romer and her dog, Annie, took first place in last month's Southern Coast K-9 Bomb and Drug Detection competition. (Courtesy of the Florida Department of Corrections)
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Our cell phone detection students make the front page of the News Journal:

Atos goes for his toy — jumping on and climbing over furniture — as handler Newton Villalona leads him on.

K9 Atos hones his detection skills with Southern Coast K9's Newton Villalona. Image N-J | David Tucker

With cell phones getting smaller and thinner, it's easier for visitors and even corrections officers to smuggle them in to inmates and for prisoners to hide them just about anywhere, said Florida Department of Corrections spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger.

So the state has armed itself with a weapon that's literally sniffing cell phones out of the most clandestine of hiding places in Florida's prisons: two cellphone-sniffing dogsRead the full story >


Our students and bomb detection K9s made Top Stories in The Capital, Hometown Annapolis...

As suspicions rise, calls are up for Annapolis bomb squad.
It took just a minute for Investigator Caroll Spriggs' dog Benny to sniff out a package of C-4 explosives in City Hall Monday...
Dogs like Benny, black Labrador retriever Chance, yellow Labrador retriever Bach and German shepherd Rudy, should not be mistaken for the more commonly known narcotics-sniffing K-9s, their handlers said. The team specializes in explosives alone, although its dogs can be useful in homicides, too, as they can pick up the odors of bullet shell casings and guns. Read the full news story >

Richmond Hill Police Department gets two drug dogs

Officer Dale Kirkland and Cpl. Donnie Crosby of the Richmond Hill Police Department will hit the streets of Richmond Hill, Georgia, with two new narcotics detection dogs, .

They traveled to Southern Coast K9 in Florida, a K-9 sales and training kennel, to make their selection and returned home with German Shepherds Tina and Daky. Tina is a female from Germany and Daky a male from the Netherlands. Read the full news story >

K9 Security at Meadowlands Stadium, New Jersey

Full time K9 resident at Meadowlands Stadium, New Jersey
EAST RUTHERFORD, New Jersey — New Meadowlands Stadium, the $1.6 billion home of the Giants and the Jets, has two year-round residents: Rufus and Anja are highly trained detection K9s from Southern Coast K9. Read the full news story >

Southern Coast K9 Bubi is a valuable new addition to the Albany Police Department in Georgia

Bubi can sniff out 19 different sorts of chemicals associated with bombs, and find weapons, ammunition, and spent shell casings, as well as a variety of other evidence necessary to make a case against a suspect. Read the full news story >

Southern Coast K9's dog searches Bryant-Denny Stadium

Sgt. Rusty Romine and K-9 Benny, University of Alabama K-9 unit, were recruited to do a thorough search of the Bryant-Denny Stadium before a Crimson Tides gameday.

Drug busts, war stories, and other proud K9 moments from the dogs of Southern Coast K9: