K9 Fun, Action, and Other Stuff

 We don't just train K9s - we have fun training K9s!

This page is dedicated to the lighter side of life with our K9 friends and heroes. Check back often as we'll be adding more stuff.


Our K9 Karma is now with the Edgewater Police Department. Watch him demonstrate his skills in the video below:




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Leap Dog!

K9 'stands'. Police dog training is never dull!

We admire our hard working dogs for their enthusiastic energy and their acrobatic stunts, and we love photographing them as they interact with their trainers and handlers. After all, what makes a better  photographic subject than a K9 athlete in motion?

Jerome and DarkoA Handler's Story
The experience of Jerome Sands, a newbie handler working to pass his K9 Handler's Test.
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We love it when our dogs make us laugh.K9 Raven and handler Bri Shaut..

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