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Excerpts from this video:


Better K9 training means better bomb and drug detection dogs.

Training and developing successful K9 teams is the specialty of Southern Coast K9.

Founder and operator, Bill Heiser, retired Deputy Sheriff and policeman, is well-known locally and internationally for finds equaling over $10 billion in contraband. With 20 years on the job as K9 handler and trainer, Bill knows what he’s doing when it comes to training detection dogs.


Sgt Joseph Bryant, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office:

“Bill has a real-world practical experience which is invaluable in training because he can defeat problems from a real-world standpoint and not a static situation like a classroom. He didn’t learn it out of a book; he learned it doing it in the real world.”


We select the only best dogs for our K9 training.

Most of our dogs come from top K9 breeders in Europe.

We handpick our dogs, selecting only those with an exceptional drive and latent skills to serve.


Tim Ehrenkaufer, Daytona Beach Police Dept:

“One thing Bill takes pride in is the quality of his dogs. He maintains a warranty policy with them…”


We carefully match handler and dog.

It is vital handler-to-be and K9-to-be are well matched—they’re going to be a team after all!

Then joint training begins to mesh the attitudes and capabilities of both. In just 2 weeks, a K9 detection team is born.

Our intensive K9 handler training course is no charge, and includes any extra time the new handler may want.


Donald Freeman, UCF Police Dept.:

“I wouldn’t get my dog anywhere else. Went to the full service school with my dog, Conner, and everythingfrom the facilities to the instructors out therewas Grade A top-notch.”


For the detection of explosives and drug contraband, nothing beats a trained K9 dog.

Bomb and drug detection dogs are the most cost effective way to detect explosives, drugs and contraband. We also train dual purpose K9s: for help in search and rescue, tracking and finding criminals, and as protection dogs.


Jason Dungan, SCK9 trainer, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper:

 “It’s a fun and rewarding job, and it’s great to know that you’ve produced a dog that’s going to go out there and get narcotics off the streets, explosives off of the streets, or protect an officer who’s out on the road.”


The goal of our K9 training school is to achieve 100% of your satisfaction:

  • with your K9 unit
  • your department
  • your investment.

Bill Heiser, Southern Coast K9:

 “I love training K9s, it’s my whole life... we’re only as good as the last dog we put out… we take pride in our passion and it shows in the quality of the dogs we put out in the street.”