Exceptional Results for K9 Teams

We are extremely proud of the results our K-9 teams achieve—frequently in highly stressful situations.

Our drug sniffing dogs have seized many millions of dollars worth of cocaine; found marijuana hidden in the seams of convicts clothing and hundreds of pounds of narcotics deeply hidden in cargo trucks and containers.

Our dogs serve as military dogs both here in the US and overseas in combat zones like Iraq. You'll also find them in the homes of ordinary folk, protecting their human family no matter what.

From freight stops to prison inspections, our dogs’ stories are proudly told in our picture gallery below.

K9 Makye and Corporal Mario JenkinsTestimonial: "We got 2lbs of BC bud and about 76lbs of miscellaneous pot and a little coke. The final tally on the cash was $29,301.00. This is a lot for a University. We had a great time until we had to log evidence.  Makye assisted in the search, it was great training for her. The distraction seemed endless. The apartment had two pit bulls that just left a few days before we got there so their scent and all their toys were everywhere."
Corporal Mario Jenkins, University of Central Florida Police Department - In Memory of Corporal Jenkins

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