Classes & Seminars

Become a proficient K9 handler, trainer, instructor or K9 decoy at one of the most reputable K9 training facilities in the United States. 

Our class and seminar graduates have gone on to become successful K9 teams all over the United States, and in some cases - the world.

Brett Whitson, Top Dog Trophy Winner 2014

Brett Whitson & K9 Endo with Volusia County Sheriff's Office .

Classes and Seminars:

K9 Handler, Trainer and Instructor Classes

Drug Dog Handlers learn how to effectively search various venues, set up training situations, set up a maintenance training schedule, record-keep, and most importantly, prepare for Court. 

Bomb Dog Handlers receive foundation training and odor recognition of all major explosive chemicals and components.  Each K9 Team will be exposed to various environments and will face real world scenarios. All Handlers will be instructed on the legal aspects of K-9 searches as well as proper record keeping.  Finally, all K9 Teams will complete a National Level K-9 certification with ATF NORT, which is valid for 1 year.

K9 trainers and instructors learn the proper and most effactive techniques to hne their skills and advance their careers.

Detection K9 Seminars

Annual Bomb and Drug Detection Seminar and Optional K9 Certification

K9 teams from agencies around the United States come to Southern Coast K9 to learn training techniques as part of their ongoing professional development.

K9 Decoy Seminars

Three-day Seminar for K9 Decoys

K9 decoy students are trained by certified, highly experienced instructors and learn how to be professional decoys.

Southern Coast K9 Annual Seminar in the News:

K-9 officers test detection skills

DAYTONA BEACH -- Cops and K-9 officers from around the country, as well as the British Virgin Islands, test their skills today sniffing either drugs or explosives at the Ramada Inn Speedway for the United States Police K-9 Association.

Shepherds, Labradors and even a wire-haired pointer make up the mix of K-9s, and their human partners represent police departments, sheriff's offices, corrections officers, customs officials, state fire marshals and the FBI.

Teams (a handler and his or her K-9 partner) are required to test annually by the United States Police K-9 Association, said Bill Heiser, organizer of the Southern Coast K9 Annual Bomb and Drug K-9 Detection Seminar. The three-day training seminar precedes the mandatory test.

Law Enforcement vehicles, officers and dogs will come close to closing down International Speedway Boulevard as 85 teams come together for the test at the hotel, Heiser said. - Julie Murphy, East Volusia News