K9 Detection Services

Hire Top K9 Teams for Event or Venue Security from our partners Coast to Coast K9 Teams

Coast to Coast K9 Teams

Detection dogs are a cost effective way to ensure security. Hire top K9 teams for security at your event or venue: Coast to Coast K9 Teams will send you highly trained K9 handlers teamed up with skilled detection dogs.

When you hire professional K9 detection teams from Coast to Coast K9 Teams you know your event or venue will be thoroughly examined by the highest quality canines.

Detection dog teams for high security venues.

Coast to Coast K9 Teams will search:


  • cruise lines
  • education campuses
  • shopping centers
  • air and ground shipping companies
  • convention centers
  • public and private sporting events
  • public and private entertainment events
  • oil and natural gas companies whose narcotics/alcohol zero-tolerance programs require workforce lodge inspections
  • wherever else our certified K9 detection teams are needed

Visit Coast to Coast K9 Teams now...their skilled K9 detection dog teams will add and extra layer of security to suit your needs.