Cell Phone Detection Dogs

Cell Phone Detection – A new skill for K9 dogs

Cell phones are fast becoming the hottest contraband inside Federal and State Correction Facilities—difficult to track because of their size, they’re being easily smuggled in.

Inmates use them for anything from running criminal operations on the outside to planning escapes, or even worse.

But, as every item has a unique scent and dogs possess more than 250 million olfactory receptors in a nasal area 50 times larger than ours, K-9s have become the latest tool for sniffing out cell phones in prison.

At Southern Coast K9, we are now training K9s for prison cell phone detection, and have already clocked up some impressive finds in Florida prisons with Diego and Razor, both trained exclusively  to detect cell phones.



Video: Our K9 Handler Hector and K9 Cynia demonstrate their skills at a security event at the British Embassy in Guatemala.   Group CSC demonstrated the capabilities of its K-9 Units. View more of Group CSC's videos >

Cell phone dogs are hand-picked from non-threatening breeds, and must show a strong hunt drive, and have a lot of stamina.

As the war on prison cell phones intensifies, so will the demand for these exceptionally skilled K9 dogs.

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Our cell phone dogs made front page news in the News Journal:

Dogs work to keep prisons cellphone free

With cellphones getting smaller and thinner, it's easier for visitors and even corrections officers to smuggle them in to inmates and for prisoners to hide them just about anywhere, said Florida Department of Corrections spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger.

But since late 2008, the state has armed itself with a weapon that's literally sniffing cell phones out of the most clandestine of hiding places in Florida's prisons: two cell phone-sniffing dogs.

The canines, a German shepherd named Uno and a Belgian Malinois named Razor, have been hunting down cell phones in the state's prisons since late 2008. Since then, the dogs and corrections officers have found and seized 2,602 cellphones inside the state's 17 major prison facilities.