Bill Heiser – Highly regarded K-9 trainer

Bill Heiser, President Southern Coast K9Bill Heiser has received certification through several canine detection training schools including the U.S. Customs Training Facility and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement K-9 Instructors’ Course.

He has trained and certified his police K-9s through the United States Police Canine Association, of which he is a member. Bill has also been a member of the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association.

Prior to his retirement, Bill served for 16 years as a K-9 drug detection handler for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department. Bill was selected by National Guard Multi-jurisdictional Counter Drug Task Force Training to be an instructor for their K-9 Interdiction Course.

At Southern Coast K9, Bill’s considerable experience affords K-9 handlers hands-on learning from one of the best in the business.

Bill will not only guide you through the process of finding the right dog for you, he will continue to provide service long after the sale and your canine detection training is over.

The Bill Heiser Personal Touch

When you buy a dog from Southern Coast K9, and then attend one of our K-9 Training Classes or K-9 Seminars, you’ll be given Bill’s home phone number. That way, should any problems arise and need immediate attention, you can call him up right away. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, no problem: Bill will provide additional training as needed.

Peggy Heiser / President

Peggy Heiser, Southern Coast K9Peggy joined Southern Coast K9's Team bringing with her over 20 years of experience in marketing and business development.  Her strong marketing skills, great vision and ability to assist in day-to-day operations will assist Southern Coast K9, Inc. in continuing its growth in current markets while building niche markets and the successful acquisition of future canine detection service contracts.  Peggy’s ability to bring results over the past 20 years with strategic marketing & development planning has exceeded revenue generating projections consistently through her efforts.

Newton Villalona / Director of Training

Newton Villalona, Southern Coast K9Newton's experience began as a canine handler working for the Santo Domingo Police Force in the Dominican Republic.  He progressed to a position working an explosive detection dog in Iraq before beginning as a full time trainer and decoy with Southern Coast K9 in 2004. Everyone in the K-9 field from both the U.S. and Europe who have had an opportunity to observe him have agreed that his natural ability and enjoyment of working with canines has enabled him to progress in his field.

Bill Heiser will help you find your new K-9 team mate.
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