K9 Sales and Training, Florida, USA

Southern Coast K9 is a reputable K9 sales and training kennel in Florida, providing K9 detection services worldwide.

We offer:

Trained Police Dogs for Sale:

We maintain a selection of at least 54 top quality, well-trained police dogs for sale. 

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Highly trained police dogs for sale from Southern Coast K9 in Florida

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Our Dogs:

Our K9s serve as detection dogs, dual purpose dogs and military dogs. From freight stops and prison inspections to retail stores and combat zones, our dogs do us proud.

  • Police Departments
  • Fire Marshall’s Offices
  • Sheriff’s Offices
  • Correctional Facilities
  • The Military
  • Iraq

Our trained K9s are located internationally and all over the United States. 
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Customers contact us from Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, and Kentucky for our drug dogs, bomb dogs, and reliable dual purpose police dogs but we also provide trained K9s to all states from California to New York, as well as internationally.

Southern Coast K9 maintains a federal license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and is certified in controlled substance registration by U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration

K9 Handler Training Classes in Florida

Our qualified K9 trainers and decoy trainers join forces with law enforcement professionals to offer K9 Training Classes to K9 handlers from all over the USA. Affordable accommodation is available in Daytona Beach for handlers and their K9s.

K9 Bomb and Drug Detection Seminars

We run our annual K9 seminar in Florida every November.  Our seminar facility in Daytona Beach is close to affordable accommodation for handlers and their K9s.
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Tracy Smith, Dallas Police Department:

"Both our police dogs are working out great so far and as you can see from this local NBC news link, Southern Coast made our local news! Thanks again." 

Police K9s Cliff and Bandit of SCK9 are the newest officers for the Dallas Police Department.

Southern Coast K9 Testimonial

Jason Farr, Iraq:

"I just wanted to compliment and thank Southern Coast K9 for doing such a great job training my current working dog here in Iraq.

I was working another dog from another kennel facility in the states. Unfortunately, that dog did not have what it takes to work in a war zone. I recieved a dog that was available in our kennels here in Iraq. His previous handler went home before ever working him in Iraq.

My new dogs name is Orage. He is a big male sable colored German Shepherd and he has turned out to be the absolute best dog I have ever worked or seen work. He is so much fun to have. He has a great personality and works like a machine. We search approximately 100 vehicles per day and he has had positive alerts that were confirmed to be good alerts. He wears a 'S' on his collar for Superman, or as the guards call him, Superdog. People love seeing him come to work.

I would like to buy a Southern Coast K9 t-shirt if possible. I see some of the guys here have them and since my great dog is from your place, I would love to get one".
Jason Farr, Iraq

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Bill Heiser tests a K9 in Germany and weighs up its potential to be a great police dog.

Bill Heiser in Germany

Bill travels to Germany regularly to hand pick inventory. Here he can be seen working with a K9 to determine if it will make a good police dog, and work effectively in a law enforcement environment.

Bill's frequent trips to source quality dogs for detection training enable him to offer an excellent selection of bomb and drug dogs for sale at all times.